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Heze Oriental Flowers & Trees Supplier

     We are one modern flower enterprise which activities combined with science and technology research, production and management. We supply the young plants of tree and herbaceous peony, forced tree peony blooming flowers, pot-flowers, fresh cutting flowers, dry flowers and other green plants to the worldwide market.

    In our local place, there are more rich peony resources. The base center is about tens of square KMs, Each year hundreds and thousands of tree peony and herbaceous peony plants are exported to over ten countries and nations in Europe, America Asia and Australia, etc.

    Sincerely welcome you and your esteemed company to cooperate with us to explore and increase the shares of peony at home and abroad.

Tree Peony Nursery 

Herbaceous Peony

 Caozhou Hundred Flowers Garden  

           "Caozhou Hundred Flowers Garden" in Heze , formerly called "Ten Thousand Flowers Village", was firstly built during period of Emperor Jia Jing, Ming Dynasty. There is about 10 hectares in the garden, where 200,000 plants of tree peony and 100,000 plants of herbaceous peony for sightseeing are cultivated. This garden also has a base of over 150 hectares for propagating young tree and herbaceous peony. At present there are 32 senior and secondary technicians and 450 personnel for the production and management. This garden is a main base of viewing, admiring, planting, researching and commercial producing, sales of   tree and herbaceous peony.  

  Caozhou Hundred Flowers Garden is located in the north suburb of Heze City, on the east closes to No. 220 national highway, Ri-dong express way lies on the north. 

  The  garden has numerous famous and precious varieties of tree peony with nine systems as red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, purple, pink and multi-color. The quantity of tree peony varieties is up to over 520. Passel good quality varieties were introduced from Ningguo, Lanzhou, America and Japan, etc. "Jing Yu", "Chun Hong Jiao Yan" and other new varieties bred by this garden won 27 items of  <Excellent Prize>, <New Variety Prize>, <Super Quality Prize> of national technique achievements in passed year. In the 1999 Kunming International Horticulture Exposition, a new variety “Qiao Zi Hong” from this garden won "Great Prize". "Caozhou Hong", "Xiang Yang Hong", "Bai Yuan Qi Guan", "Wan Hua Zheng Chun", "Jing Yu", etc ., 35 varieties won respectively Gold, Silver, Copper Prize. This garden was the unit of winning the most prize in the International Horticulture Exposition, it was praised as "Heze Tree Peony Treasure Garden". One tree peony in this garden was planted in Ming Dynasty, it is still growing prosperously today, it is 3 meters high, its crown is 5 meters wide, it produces over 400 blooms each year. Visitors called it  "The King of Tree Peony".  

         There are over 300 excellent varieties of herbaceous peony for sightseeing with full 8 colors in Hundred Flowers Garden. Varieties such as "Huang Jin Lun", "Hong Yin Zhen", "Ju Feng", "Yang Fei Chu Yu" etc are precious herbaceous peony.  

In recently years, Hundred Flowers Garden aided to build nearly 20 tree peony gardens in every big internal garden and showplace.  500,000 quality plants are well sold  to America, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Germany and other nations  every year. In 2000, this garden built “Chinese Hundred Flowers Garden” in Philadelphia cooperated with American customer.  

In 1982, after General Secretary Hu Yaobang's inspection, the government appropriated special funds for rebuilding this garden. National leader Li Desheng, Chen Muhua, Li Ruihuan and other national leaders ever visited the garden, and gave adequate confirmation  and high prizing for  the development of the Garden.

Treasures gather together in the Hundred Flowers Garden, beautiful flowers of brilliant purples and reds, it is always spring. There are great many treasures of tree and herbaceous peony in Hundred Flowers Garden. All sorts of Flowers and Trees are sold with great quantities and good quality. We would welcome your presence and cooperation for all circles new and old friends with favorable price, good credit standing, top-ranking service.


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