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Cut flower


Classification of Tree Peony 

All the Tree Peonies can be categorizes based on  their origins, colors, flower forms and shapes, budding and blooming time  or  the overall plant shapes.

Colors ( 9 systems): White,  Pink,  Red,  Purple,   Black,  Blue,   Green, Yellow,  Multi.

Origins ( 7 types) :

Tree peonies can be separated into 7 regions by origin in the world wide as follows:

Central China, North Western China, South Western and Southern Coastal China  are four main categories in China. Other regions are Jap and America.

Flower structure: ( 9 types ):  / Please click HERE for name list!/

1. Single Form: flower is comprised of multiple layers of 1 to 3 petals. The petal shape can be oval or circular. Flower center is very strong and obvious.

2. Lotus Form: flower is comprised of multiple layers of 4 to 5 large petals and structured. When blooming, the inner petals fold inward,  being similar to that of a lotus blossom.

3. Chrysanthemum Form: Flower is comprised of multiple layers, each with at least 6 petals, very regularly structured . Petals is decreasing  in size as they approach the flower center layer by layer.

4. Rose Form: Multiple petals, very regularly structured. Petals are  numerous and diminish in size toward to the center of the flower.

5. Hundred Proliferate Form: Appears as two  or more individual flowers overlapping one another, one with larger base petals, and the others with smaller, more numerous petals.

6. Anemone Form: 2 to 3 wide and flat petals on the base layer of flower. Inner petals are very linear,  long and stand upright. 

7. Golden Circle Form: the base consists of 2-3 large petals per layer. Higher petals form the shape of a sphere or ball in whole looking.

8. Crown Form: The base petals are large and expanded. the central petals are raised, forming a crown shape. 


9. Globular Form: A full spherically shaped flower, with large base petals. Upper petals are numerous and small.


Life Cycle:

      Tree peonies can flower in the   Tree peonies can flower in the early season, mid and late season depending on the exact species. However, location and climate regions also dictate the flowering time frames. The typical flowering season starts in April, and lasts until June.

Plant forms:

1. Erect: Plant branches grow within 30 degrees of the central axis. See pictures below for clarification. 


-2- -3-

2. Partially Spreading: Angles reside between 30 and 50 degrees.

3. Spreading: Angles are greater than 50 degrees.



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